Fleet Management Web B2B

A version 2.0 fleet management web application to help companies track assets, create reports, view maintenance schedules, and more.

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Health Mobile B2C

A mobile app that helps customers take control of physical cravings, calmness, and overall well-being when it comes to battling alcohol consumption.

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Driver Mobile B2B

A mobile app that helps service drivers view current routes, change vehicle assignment, and message fleet managers.

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Over the past decade in the design industry I have gained a deep knowledge and experience on the following skillsets.

Design Sessions

Lead design sessions to identify and prioritize requirements for design projects.

User Personas

Created user personas to help target project requirements and to see product through the user’s eyes.

Design Systems

Created and maintained Figma design systems with proper documentation.

UX Deliverables

Created User Flows, Journey Maps, Screen Flows, and more.

Low and High Fidelity

Created low-fidelity wireframes and high-fidelity mockups for stakeholder reviews that explains project requirements.

Interactive Prototyping

Created interactive prototypes that helps visualize the products with team members and stakeholders.

Insight Tracking

Created Behavioral and Attitudinal UX KPIs that focuses on task success rate, user error rate, and NPS scores.

User Research

Facilitated user interviews during discovery and design phase to uncover new opportunities and user experiences.

Design Process

Follow the double diamond design process which includes identifying the problem, developing, and delivering.

About Me

In 2007, I first entered the web industry. Beginning with basic HTML and CSS tutorials, I quickly developed a passion for the field. I frequently devoted my free time to manipulating pixels on the screen, finding great satisfaction in the process. Over the years, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with companies in insurance, law, online marketing, and healthcare. I envision myself continuing in this industry indefinitely, driven by a love for learning and a knack for solving challenging problems.